Keep session alive with Javascript

Do you know the problem of huge forms where the user has to provide a lot of values? Sometimes it takes ages to fill out a form or the user just goes for a coffee or even two, leaves the form opened and comes back after two hours and finishes filling out the form. And then? Yeah then the server normally answers with a login screen because the session has expired. Continue reading

gotapi the centre of all your developer references

Today I’ve found a nice site which brings together a lot of API’s into one place. A quick look into CSS, Javascript, XSL, Ruby, Hibernate, Oracle, MySQL, etc. normally requires a set of bookmarks on you machine. This tool has them all in one place! Check . What I really like is the autocomplete search feature and the organisation of the tabs. Thus it can be fully customized to your everyday development. Great idea!

Unfortunately there is no reference of any Microsoft technology (which is really a pain for me and i am sure for others as well) or Selfhtml which is a nice web reference for all german developers.

VBScript Regular Expression builder

Some weeks ago I had to build a couple of regular expressions for my classic ASP apps and I was sick of playing around directly in the code. For this purpose I’ve created a small web tool which helps me playing & testing around directly in a web form. Type in a regex pattern, set some options and test if it executes as desired or not.

The tool is available at Continue reading

Toggle states like active, deleted, etc. (bitwise negation in SQL)

Just a little trick which might be useful. It’s not new but I always enjoy using it and therefore its worth a quick post. In a lot of cases you find records in your database which hold a bit value 1/0 for fields like isActive, deleted, approved, etc. Usually they are toggled from 0 to 1 or the other way round. Here comes a nice and quick solution to solve this toggling… Continue reading

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