8 Reasons to Stick with ASP 3.0 in 2006 (and 2007)

Today I was browsing through the microsoft.­public.­inetserver.­asp.­general newsgroup and found a nice article linked within a topic where people are talking about classic ASP and its brother .net. The article outlines 8 reasons to stick with the good old classic ASP … Unfortunately I cannot really figure out when the article was written but i think it must be quite recent because they bring up VS2005 and web 2.0.

As I have done already some projects with .net I love this statement (refers to web-projects):

Sluggish is a word to describe the whole of the .NET development environment. Starting a new project? Go make a cup of coffee. Switching between tabs? ‘Go large’ with your coffee. Pressing F1 for help? Make your coffee a take-out and go and have a stroll in the park.


Blog down and data lost

Sorry guys but our blog has been down for the past weeks and we have lost all the data. The reason for this loss is that our hoster just removed the account without giving any notice. We have to admit that it was a free webhosting (http://bcurrant.com/) and you should never rely on them but at least we should have been informed about the deletion. Damn GUYS!! However, thanks to google’s caching we could recover most of the articles and bring them back to life again. Bloggerism at web dev bros will continue and the old articles will be available within the next days… dont forget to update your RSS readers ;)