Advanced page structuring with ruby on rails

rails logo During the past two weeks I jumped on the train of hype and started to learn (and develop) with Ruby on Rails. I have to admit that I am very impressed so far. It seems to be exactly what I need. For this reason I might blog a bit about RoR in the future.
However, the first word about Rails is devoted to “Greg Willits” who wrote an excellent article about structuring your Ruby on Rails views & layouts. Continue reading

Google offers $10.000.000 for best applications made with Android

Android Android is the new operating system from Google for mobile devices available for free since this weeks Monday. It is very amazing what the new operating system is able to do (see in the movie embedded in the bottom) but the most interesting thing is that they give away 10.000.000 US-Dollars for the best applications which will be developed with its SDK. Continue reading

C# tips, tricks and things you should know

.net components During my previous holidays (i have to admit 1.5 months surfing in portugal) I had some literature with me which also included the book Programming .net components released with O’Reilly. It talks about the aspects of components in general and provides good examples how to achieve those in .net. Although these pages are a very good read (rather for experienced devs) for ppl interested in component development, I found it more interesting because of its general C# content. There are concepts & approaches, small tips & tricks and intersting things about C# which can be used not only in component based architectures and are therefore good to know anyway.

As I always make notes while reading “geek” books I thought: “so why not summarize them all up in a nice list and blog’em”. Here we go… Continue reading

Singelton application with C#

A singelton application is an application which only allows running one instance of itself per machine. e.g. Microsoft Outlook is a singelton application. Everytime the user starts the application it will check if an instance is already running. If its not running it will launch it otherwise it will focus to the current one. Here is the source of how to create a singelton application with C# and .net … Continue reading

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Basic Reporting for your web applications

Vitamin has released a nice post called Pragmatic reporting for your web apps. The article outlines which figures could be interesting to analyze and briefly describes how to aggregate all this data into one dashboard. This information can help find future decisions more easier. It reminds me of the when I and Fab ran the community Our main key figure used to be “last signups during 24 hours” and our goal was to keep it as high as possible. We generated our own reports according to this figure. Beside that we also analyzed the users origin country which gave us information about the popularity of the community in different countries.