Translate easily with JavaScript and the Google language API

wow, google recently released an API for their translation services called Google language API. Thats a good news but it even gets better! The api is really easy to use and applications can be boosted within minutes. The reference can be found here

Here is a quick example of how to translate something…

< view plain text >
  1. google.language.translate('my mum is swimming', 'en', 'de', function(result) {
  2.   alert(result.translation);
  3. });

and it gets better and even easier: its possible to let the API detect the language .. so nothing you have to take care about anymore.

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  1. google.language.detect('Deutsch ist auch eine Sprache',
  2.  function(result) {
  3.   alert(result.language);
  4. });

Further reading: An introduction to the language API and translation tools.

Now its time to come up with some nice little tools, widgets which use this service. “a user selects a paragraph an your page, clicks a button and suddenly the text is translated into the desired language”.

ajaxed google discussion group

asp-ajaxed.gif Today i had some time and have created an own google discussion group (forum) for the ajaxed project. This will make the management of problems much easier for me. At least i hope so :) It should help you guys to communicate about your solutions and issues with ajaxed. Also all issues regarding JSON in connection with ASP should go there, and all other classic ASP topics. I can track all these stuff much better then. Thanks for your help and contributions!

ajaxed & asp JSON disussion