I love HAML

Just a quick post to let everybody know that i’m switching my erb templates over to HAML. All my css with SASS will follow. These two template engines enhance my productivity a lot. it’s compatible with rails 2.

I must admit that there are still some issues like: No ruby code on multiple lines to format the code properly on very long ruby statements. And: HAML source code highlighting in netbeans plugin is quite old and not updated, but this doesnt stop me from using it.

just checkout the “showdown” on the bottom of the first page to get a feeling of HAML.

Rounded div corners with Ruby on Rails

So now you know how to do nicely rounded div corners without using images or any javascript after reading this post.

But how do we integrate this nicely into our rails app? The following solution might not be perfect but that’s what i’m using and like:
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Rounded corners with CSS (and no images)

I searched a lot to find this great solution for doing rounded borders with just CSS and no images. There are loads of solutions out there which use images to make the borders or doing some funky javascripts which take too much time on page load and the rounding is only applied after onload.

so thanks to Deathshadow for this great solution with pure CSS. just check out the link. there are the examples and the source needed.

Developing a 'login' with ajaxed

Today we will check how we could realize a simple login using ajaxed for your web application. You know the common stuff where you enter your credentials (email and password) and you get authorized if they are correct.
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ajaxed 1.0 released

the new major release of asp ajaxed is here. I have jumped with counting to version 1.0 because it has been such a big update and the library reached its maturity level. Curious whats new in the box? A lot of improvements and new stuff – i got a lot of inspiration from ruby on rails as well and the biggest goodie is an own developer console with unit tests, documentation creator…

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Test your website on different browsers. Get even a screenshot of how it looks like in all of them!

Today a work collegue showed me a nice tool (website) called browsershots which tests a given website in all the browsers you want. The nice thing is that it really supports a hell lot of browsers (incl. different versions .. IE5, IE6, IE7, FF1.5, FF2.0, FF3) and that it shows you screenshots of how it looks like. I love it – because its a real mission to get all of them working locally on your machine .. especially the different IE versions :) I have tried using it with webdevbros and here is a screenshot of how it looks like after processing it for 3 minutes… Continue reading