Web Dev Bros reloaded

It’s been quite quiet for a while here, don’t you think? Probably the main reason is that I went abroad and started to work as an expat in Bangkok, Thailand. Don’t ask me. It’s awesome so far! But, time is passing really quick and blogging got lower priority.
This is changing now as imho writing articles improves your writing, teaching and coding skills! I could convience some of my friends to join the team. We have got two new web dev brothers on board now – Julien and Mischa. Both passionate developers specialized on web technologies such as Flex, JSP, Typo3, OpenACS, etc. Additionally Fabian mentioned he definitely wants to blog more as well. That’s a lot good news.

To sum it up, we are expanding … Expect a wider variety of topics in the near future. I love WP 2.7 fab!

Web Dev Bros with WordPress 2.7 now

We upgraded the blog to the latest version and added some new widgets. The site was down one day because we forgot to upload a missing file … Sorry for that.

We are trying to do add some posts the next days to get this up and running again. I want to welcome Julien and we can’t wait to see a post from him :-)