Webdevbros Visual Studio color theme (calm down)

Today I want to share my VS2005 color scheme with you guys. I call it “calm down” as it is not that aggressive compared to the original VS settings. Enjoy! Btw, the used font is Anonymous 9pt.


Download “calm down” color scheme Visual Studio 2005

Download “calm down” color scheme Visual Studio 2008

Siam Flex framework | Preview

Siam Flex framework aims to provide usability and rapid application development changes to the existing Adobe Flex data representation support. Siam is a lightweight framework that enables you to quickly represent your application data models regardless of their type or origin.

This preview introduces the envisioned features of the framework and contains also code examples and ideas for future releases. Siam is still in early phase, so your feedback is highly appreciated!

The project can be found at http://code.google.com/p/siam-flex/.

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Service vs. Component

I was having trouble to differentiate between both nor could I 100% explain to someone what’s the real difference between a Service and a Component. Today I’ve found a really nice definition by Martin Fowler which I would like to share with you:


I use component to mean a glob of software that’s intended to be used, without change, by application that is out of the control of the writers of the component. By ‘without change’ I mean that the using application doesn’t change the source code of the components, although they may alter the component’s behavior by extending it in ways allowed by the component writers. – Martin Fowler, Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern


A service is similar to a component in that it’s used by foreign applications. The main difference is that I expect a component to be used locally (think jar file, assembly, dll, or a source import). A service will be used remotely through some remote interface, either synchronous or asynchronous (eg web service, messaging system, RPC, or socket.) – Martin Fowler, Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern

Top three C# questions on stackoverflow you should read

Here is a list of questions which I (!!) consider as TOP 3 C# (Visual Studio) questions (although the answers are probably the most interesting) on stackoverflow. Yes, I do love STO :)


  1. Hidden Features of C#
  2. Visual Studio Optimizations
  3. Which C#/.Net blogs do you read?

If you need more see the most voted C# questions. Would be nice to see some more lists like that (Julien, what about Flex?, Fab PHP?).