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Why are our clients so different?

Did you ever dealt with customers for one of your Software development projects? Check the following clip. It’s just awesome. It shows exactly what is happening to me (and probably all of us) everyday!

New JavaScript FX library from Vienna, Austria: is past, scripty2 is the future!


Thomas Fuchs is the pioneer of the first FX JavaScript library and as he and his work reside in Vienna (which is more or less my hometown) I have to support his new open source product called scripty2 which is a successor of

To keep things short: It’s a first release and therefore still in Alpha. It looks promising, especially because it’s only 5KB of size (gzipped & excl. PrototypeJS).

Check out the demos to see if it’s something you gonna need for your future work or not.


Create a multi languaged domain model with NHibernate and C#

Recently I’ve been developing an enterprise application with NHibernate which was required to fully support multi language (localization) on UI side as well as on data side. Whereas the former is easily implemented with .net resources the latter is not that straightforward as it seems. That articles talks about it and the solution I have chosen as I have never done it with NHibernate before. Continue reading

Recommendation for classic ASP fans/gurus

Today I’ve found a nice site where someone called Fabio Zendhi Nagao is blogging a lot about classic asp. Nice to see it’s not only me who is still dealing with that technology :)

Just recently he has started an interesting series of advanced articles talking about Microsofts legacy scripting technology:

1. ASP, a misinterpreted technology
2. Event-Driven-Programming and lambda function in ASP/VBScript.
3. TDD (Test Driven Development) in ASP/VBScript.
4. Languages: Based on Objects and Object Oriented.
5. Object Oriented in ASP/VBScript “Hackers way”.
6. “Scripting Components”, the ace in the role.
7. Caching: the concept of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) applied to ASP.

Enjoy! I will definitely follow it…., tinyurl & co. Does the planet really needs short URLs?

Over the last couple of years I was wondering almost everyday why the hell someone would want to use a short URL. Although I consider myself as a geek, freak & nerd I’ve never had the desire to create a short URL. Why? Maybe it’s laziness :) Maybe I am not web 2.0 enough…

However, today I’ve found someone (no one less than Jeff Atwood from Codinghorror) who seems to share the same thoughts though. He’s even calling them the web destroyers and writes about how Twitter made them more popular than ever. Enjoy the read!

Read error messages, understand them and write your own

Over the past years I have seen that many developers don’t really read error messages nor do they try to understand them. That’s not a good thing! Error messages are here to help us find the problem. Each error tells us exactly what’s wrong.

Instead of trying to think what the interpreter/compiler tries to tell us people start copy&pasting errors and posting them on forums. The forum “experts” do nothing else than reading the actual error message (as that’s the only information they have) and answer the question. Why can’t a developer do that in first place?

I recommend following these steps on each error you encounter:

  1. Read the error
  2. Read the error again!! Character by character. (I know you have seen the error 1000 of times but probably you never fully read it)
  3. Try to understand what the error wants to tell you. Think of the developer who wrote the framework, lib, programming language, etc. and ask yourself what was on his mind. They try to help you (us)
  4. If you did not understand the error you probably don’t have enough knowledge about the tool you are working with:
    1. Improve your knowledge on that field where the error happend and get to understand why it happend and what it exactly means (then go to step 1)
      That’s the point of time where you start to improve dramatically as a developer!
    2. If you are too lazy and just want to get thing done. Google it
      That’s the point of time where you should ask yourself if programming is really the right job for you!

You will notice how happy you will be about error message in the future. You’ll start hoping for error messages popping up and get the feeling how to write your own meaningful errors.

First Jelly in Bangkok

As I am currently chilling (and working) in Bangkok I have decided to bring the Jelly into that great metropolis.

Jelly is a semi-weekly work-together, and you’re invited!

The first session two weeks ago was definitely a successful event. Locals and expats were joining and sharing all kind of stories. Apart from development talk the probably hottest topic was SEO.

Wanna join our next Jelly too?
Bring your notebook and some work ;)
Jelly in Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks everybody for coming! Here are some pics.
Continue reading

Web Dev Bros reloaded

It’s been quite quiet for a while here, don’t you think? Probably the main reason is that I went abroad and started to work as an expat in Bangkok, Thailand. Don’t ask me. It’s awesome so far! But, time is passing really quick and blogging got lower priority.
This is changing now as imho writing articles improves your writing, teaching and coding skills! I could convience some of my friends to join the team. We have got two new web dev brothers on board now – Julien and Mischa. Both passionate developers specialized on web technologies such as Flex, JSP, Typo3, OpenACS, etc. Additionally Fabian mentioned he definitely wants to blog more as well. That’s a lot good news.

To sum it up, we are expanding … Expect a wider variety of topics in the near future. I love WP 2.7 fab!

Your daily personalized RSS magazine

Today I found what I was looking for quite a while now: A magazine-like feed reader. Tabbloid (from HP!!!) is an online tool which lets you subscribe to your favorite feeds and delivers them bundled as a PDF magazine right to your mailbox. Its up to you if you want it daily or weekly. The whole service is pretty simple as it consists of only one form (which is fully ajaxed) and does not require any registration. Now I’m proud to have an HP notebook ;)

I dont know about you guys, but I am having some feeds which I usually read on weekends cause they tend to write long detailed articles. Its them I’ve added to my magazine which is delivered right before the weekend every Friday noon. The days where I used to be sitting bored on my pool are over now :) Great idea, perfect solution! Google will follow soon ;)

ajaxed 2.0 released

It’s been some time since the last version has been released. But today it’s here! Fresh and with loads of updates comes the brand new ajaxed version 2.0. Coupled with it we proud to announce the new official ajaxed website –

official website

The community is growing and ajaxed already helps a lot developers to keep their legacy ASP application still up to date. Some highlight of the release:

Read about the highlight of version 2.0

One cool thing on the new website is the publicly available source code of Thats a great resource to have a look into real world ajaxed development.