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Launched with ajaxed: Tourmandu – Platform for local tour guides

tourmandu.comI proudly announce the launch of a new project developed with ajaxed – yes with classic asp :). It’s a platform for everyone who wants to show tourists/visitors around in his/her hometown and earn some pocket money. Let’s face this:

You are a student and love to get in touch with people from around the globe. On Tourmandu you can offer a tour in your hometown and tourists can get in touch with you. You show them ’round and they pay/tip you afterwards. Not a bad idea :) Great part time income …

As the project has been recently launched its a bit empty, but have a look at some existing tour to get an idea of what i am talking about..

Get an email notification if one of your sites is down

observuObservu is free service which informs you if one of your sites is down. Simple register all your websites with them and receive an email notification if one of them is dead. Nice!

Cool way of creating arrays in ASP (VBScript) – advanced

It’s a small function which I will introduce today but very useful. When working recently on ajaxed i discovered that its often possible to pass an array or a primitive type as an argument to a function. Lets say you have a function println(msg) which prints out its argument as a line to the screen. When the argument is an array then it treats each field as a line. So it should be possible to call the function with those variations:

println(array("some", "more", "lines"))

Lets see how we solve the solution in a nice way and how we will be able to create a function which is simply called [] (which is common syntax for an array in other languages).

Continue reading

Methods for hiding/obfuscating emails in your website

Hiding your emails on your website can be very tricky and the method should be chosen wisely. Yeah, its our war against email harvesters! Just now i have read the outcome of an interesting study made by Silvan Mühlemann. In his research he used nine different methods to obfuscate the email on his page. He created an email address for each method and was keeping track of the incoming spam for 1.5! years. Here is the outcome:

obfuscation methods
(source: Nine ways to obfuscate e-mail addresses compared)

Amazing! The simplest methods using CSS had the best results. No Spam at all. There is just one question: How long will it take for the harvesters to adapt their algorithms to this research results?

(If you’re interested to see the detailed implementation of those methods just check the original article. I have skipped it.)

Free book about the secrets of code review

peer code reviewSmartBear Software released a book called “Best kept secrets of Peer code review”. Title sound interesting and its even free. I have just ordered my copy today (unfortunately there are shipping costs involved outside US) and looking forward to the secrets ;) Grab yours guys.

(Btw: this is my first post using an external tool for blogging – BlogDesk. Works perfect!)

Query your Firefox cookies with SQL

Did you ever wanted to take a look at cookies or even tweak them? Having access to your cookies as a developer is crucial but even as a user it might be useful to take a look sometimes.

But what about querying them with sql queries? Picture this: Show me all cookies from localhost and order them by expirydate. No problem, I’ll show you how… Continue reading

ajaxed gets a face

I proudly present the new logo of our ajaxed library. Just achieve a bit of identity ;) What do you think? Do you like it or is it just another web 2.0 logo :) Btw: I have just purchased which will be the new home for ajaxed. A lot of tutorials, better documentation and version 2 is coming soon. Thanks again for all your support guys!

Let your users vote on feature requests

Did you ever run a popular website or serivce/product? If yes, then you know how hard it can be to discover which new features your users want. Collecting all the requests, giving response and analyzing which requests are most popular. All those tasks require a lot of organization and take some time. UserVoice offers a serivce which provides exactly those features. For your site visitors:

  1. They submit ideas or vote for existing ideas
  2. They discuss ideas with each other and with you
  3. They get official reponse (featre planned, started, etc.)
  4. They get heard!

Perfect service! Will definitely use it in my future projects…