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Web Dev Bros reloaded

It’s been quite quiet for a while here, don’t you think? Probably the main reason is that I went abroad and started to work as an expat in Bangkok, Thailand. Don’t ask me. It’s awesome so far! But, time is passing really quick and blogging got lower priority. This is changing now as imho writing […]

webdevbros now supports

from today we are supporting your personal avatars. You will recognize them in the post comments (see this post) and in the sidebar in the recent comments. If you don’t know what gravatar is, then here is a brief description: A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80×80 pixel avatar […]

Blog down and data lost

Sorry guys but our blog has been down for the past weeks and we have lost all the data. The reason for this loss is that our hoster just removed the account without giving any notice. We have to admit that it was a free webhosting ()Â and you should never rely on them but […]

Web Dev Bros launched.

We want to welcome everybody to the new web dev hot talk. If you don’t really know the terms and/or want to know what the blog is (or rather will be) about just go to the “what is it all about” page. Basically we want to post hot stuff about web scripting e.g. our experiences […]