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ASP JSON utility version 1.5 released

Its long time ago since there has been an update to the JSON utility class. Thats because its working very stable thanks to your support! Nevertheless we have a new version with new features and some minor bugfixes. The following has been updated:

ASP JSON utility class 1.4 released

I did check all your comments on the JSON utility class and fixed the existing bugs. The new changes are available in version 1.4 which is available for download now. I really appreciate your help by posting your comments and solutions. Most of them have been considered in the new version. Have fun and please […]

JSON Utility class 1.3 released

The summer here in Austria is really hot this year and therefore I had not much time to do a lot for webdevbros. Enjoying the sun as much as possible However I was very happy about getting a big amount of feedback for my JSON utility class which showed me that you guys out there […]

ajaxed: Calling server side VBScript procedures from client side (equivalent to PHP xajax)

My last post (about an ASP RSS component) included a demonstration which made use of a cool ajax technique simply called “ajaxed”. See the demonstration here again. If you play around you will recognize that there is no conventional postback and AJAX is up in here I have developed a small “library” which easily allows […]

JSON character escaping function in classic ASP

If you are into advanced AJAX techniques you probably will stumble across JSON (www.) which makes developing (and therefore the life) a lot easier when working with AJAX. If you already stumbled across and you use JSON within classic ASP you might find this article useful. It deals with escaping characters for JSON acording to the RFC4627#2.5