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How to render HTML in

Update: see latest article Publishing Flex applications to Google Code SVN repository If you are hosting or contributing to an open-source project on using SVN as source control, there is small trick to render .html source files as HTML and not raw text (default). Make sure you set the following SVN property for each […]

Google chart api introduces QR codes (2D bar codes) support

As usual the guys at google have been busy and released a nice new feature for their (quite new) google chart api. It support 2D bar codes also known as QR codes. Whats more, they even offer a free decoding library for it (Xzing). Big respect googlers to your free APIs

Translate easily with JavaScript and the Google language API

wow, google recently released an API for their translation services called Google language API. Thats a good news but it even gets better! The api is really easy to use and applications can be boosted within minutes. The reference can be found here Here is a quick example of how to translate something… javascript < […]

Google released free chart API (usage example)

Two days ago the guys at google released a brand new api. It’s called Google Chart API. and is free for approx. 50.000 requests per day. This should be enough for smaller projects The interface is quite easy: You call URL’s for your desired graphs. Also the Data is passed directly via the URL as […]