ASP JSON utility class 1.4 released

By | December 18

I did check all your comments on the JSON utility class and fixed the existing bugs. The new changes are available in version 1.4 which is available for download now. I really appreciate your help by posting your comments and solutions. Most of them have been considered in the new version. Have fun and please keep me informed about new issues.

Download JSON 1.4

3 comments on “ASP JSON utility class 1.4 released

  1. dont forget to save all your files with UTF-8 encoding when working with this stuff….merry xmas!

  2. merry xmas michal :d you are my santa

  3. It’s great to see continued development of this class, and to see you taking our suggestions on board. I must say i’ve completely changed my attitude to ASP/VBScript since discovering your code.