Want to show your source code to someone else?

By | December 17

Today i stumbled across a nice tool called Pastie. Pastie helps you if you want to show some bits of your source code to someone else. e.g. you need some help, advice (or you just want to show off with your code). You paste an excerpt of your code and pastie saves it for under a unique URL. Then you send this URL to the person you want to show the code. The big advantage here is that the syntax is nicely highlighted … very nice for remote troubleshooting! I have created a code snippet for demonstration.

(i’ve used code sections to create more sections.)

One comment on “Want to show your source code to someone else?

  1. Really cool idea! I like the terms of use :

    “Use Pastie in your quest to save humanity,
    not in your evil plots to take over the world!”

    Nice find!