JSON Utility class 1.3 released

By | August 21

The summer here in Austria is really hot this year and therefore I had not much time to do a lot for webdevbros. Enjoying the sun as much as possible ;) However I was very happy about getting a big amount of feedback for my JSON utility class which showed me that you guys out there are using it. Thanks for that! As a gift for that I spent some time to update the class and released a 1.3 version. Changes are the following:

  • The class can easily be used with “Option Explicit” now
  • Multidimensional arrays are supported (unlimited dimensions)

Go to the download and grab your version. It is backwards compatible so it is not a problem to override your old version .. hopefully you didnt change anything ;). Have fun with it and feedback is welcomed.

2 comments on “JSON Utility class 1.3 released

  1. Thanks.Great Work!

  2. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before… And here I’ve been using CPaint all this time. Great job, Michael.

    btw, some guy linked to a 1.4 version… maybe you could sync your code?