Do you know why you want to be a developer?

By | August 1

because you could have a lead developer like her …. ;)

pownce lead developer

So guys work hard and maybe you can join the pownce development team. There is just one question: could you really concentrate on your code? Btw pownce is a brand new community which allows you to share files amongst your friends or even the public. It is invitation only but maybe you are lucky.

4 comments on “Do you know why you want to be a developer?

  1. yeah, i agree…it will be problematic working for her… :)

  2. Aha, I don’t think the lady is so cute or beautiful enough to make me join in the team.
    Maybe I’ll take a thought if she lifted some pounds weight.

  3. Grrr! I’d totally pounce that

  4. Pownce was closed down on December 15. The engineering team and technology are now a part of Six Apart, makers of the best blogging tools around.