VBScript Regular Expression builder

By | December 4

Some weeks ago I had to build a couple of regular expressions for my classic ASP apps and I was sick of playing around directly in the code. For this purpose I’ve created a small web tool which helps me playing & testing around directly in a web form. Type in a regex pattern, set some options and test if it executes as desired or not.

The tool is available at � and free for use. Let me know if you find some bugs or have any suggestions about how to improve this small thing. Hope you enjoy building & testing regular expressions much more now…

VBScript, ASP Regular Expressions (Regexp) builder & tester:

  • Reference link included
  • Displays the used code for the lazy guys
  • Catches any pattern errors

NOTE: The Regular expression builder is part of the ajaxed library now!
check ajaxed library for a newer version…