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By | May 5

With the web 2.0 a lot of online boomark services came up, the most prominent might be del.. I really like the idea of having all my bookmarks online so i can access them from wherever I want and I don’t need to backup them by myself etc. I tried del. and some others but never was really satisfied because every service missed some feature i’d like to have in such a service.

Must have features:

  • Possibility to group bookmarks in folders
  • Possibility to tag bookmarks
  • search through them
  • make them public or private
  • plugin to access the bookmarks in FF or IE
  • Import/Export your bookmarks

Nice to have features:

  • share them with friends
  • random bookmarks
  • recommended bookmarks

Finally I found the free GPL’d online bookmark service called Chipmark, which actually has all the features mentioned above. I can highly recommend it since I use it every day, in IE and FF. They also started to provide a public webservice API that you can use in your own applications. By now you can login and the get all your folders and links. This might be really usefull for some people.

Wow, that was finally my first article here :-) I hope it is usefull for somebody.

3 comments on “Powerfull online bookmark service

  1. One more Must Have on my list (probably the only must have on my list) is to be able to search not within the bookmarks themselves but the websites included on your bookmarks list, delicious does not do that, as a matter of fact that only tool I found that does that… sadly, is Google toolbar, and i cannot live without it any more

    If you think about it, for years people were trying to figure out a solution to organizing bookmarks and categorize or tag or label them. But my request was simple, give me the ability to search those websites, and I dont ever have to categorise or label them :) ever since I started using the Google toolbar bookmark feature (which allows you to manage favorites online) I stopped putting things inside folders, although it allows you to tag favorites, but really, who cares? u can always search!

  2. Ok, i’ll try google toolbar again and see if i like it. i didn’t know they have a bookmark service integrated.

  3. well that google toolbar is really nice and integrates perfectly with their other services. the bookmark feature is ok, but i really like the idea of keeping them organized even if i can search through them.

    with chipmarks you have a special sidebar in firefox (should be in IE as well) which lets you search through all your chipmarks (but not the content of the sites of course)