TOP 5 keyboard shortcuts for programming

By | May 29

I was wondering what keyboard shortcuts developers use within their favourite IDE and which are absolutely inevitable. Do you just use the pre-defined ones or do you rather prefer configuring your own shortcuts independetly of the IDE? Which shortcuts increase your productivity and why? Here is a list of our favourites…

Fabians TOP 5

  1. CTRL+C / CTRL-V (obviously)
  2. CTRL+S (save file)
  3. CTRL+D (duplicate line, selection)
    unfortunately not available in every IDE
  4. CTRL+X (cut line)
  5. ALT-left cursor, ALT-right cursor
    navigate between open documents

There are many more depending on the IDE I use, especially to navigate between the windows in the IDE, etc.

Michals TOP 5

  1. CTRL+Y (remove line)
    Is a must for me on every editor. Makes refactoring a bed of roses and is a productivity boost!
  2. CTRL+S (save)
    Saving should happen on one’s head
  3. CTRL+Tab (document switching)
    jumping between the last used document at best
  4. CTRL+G (go to line)
    unimaginable to live without that
  5. CTRL+cursor keys
    jumping between whole words (left/right), or moving the sceen contents without moving the cursor (top/down)

Dont hasitate to post your own TOP list filled with your favourite keyboard scheme. It’s always interesting to know how others do their work…