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By | July 11

Ajaxian logoHey it is really cool that one of the most popular Ajax websites (Ajaxian) have posted a short article about the ajaxed Library. Thanks to Dion Almaer who wrote about it. I like the comments there where ppl are talking about ASP and . Especially the first one is funny:

Ian: Just who the hell is having to use Classic ASP still?… oh.. wait.. thats me! Thanks, Dion!

I have done some updates and the version 0.2 is coming soon guys…

5 comments on “ajaxed on Ajaxian

  1. Great news, what are the new features in the new ver?

    and don’t forget to thank the man who told Ajaxian about your cool library ;)

    looking forward….
    - Uri

  2. i meant looking forward for the new ver not for the thanks - just to make it clear :)

  3. This is a outstanding funny comment from Ian :-)

  4. i think a lot of ppl still using it (and me too). well am waiting the new version and hopely with more complex samples. keep up a good works michal

    regards from bali

  5. Hi… I am one of those poor folks that still has to support classic asp, and to be honest… I think it is a very easy, flexible scripting language, and argue that scripting languages are more suitable for the web and you know exactly what they are doing, because you wrote the code, instead of depending on pre-built objects, classes, etc… but that is a another web architecture argument…

    Right now, I have found something that is very easy to do in .net, java, and other web development, but hard to find in classic asp. I need to read the FULL, RAW body of the request into a stream.
    I have xml that is posted to my asp page and that xml is NOT posted as a form field “xmldata=” - no not like this.. that would be easy… the raw xml is just posted to the body of the request. I need to read the FULL, RAW request body that was posted to my asp page. I was hoping maybe your library might help, or do you have any ideas?
    I couldn’t find the link to download your library.