Test your website on different browsers. Get even a screenshot of how it looks like in all of them!

By | April 2

Today a work collegue showed me a nice tool (website) called browsershots which tests a given website in all the browsers you want. The nice thing is that it really supports a hell lot of browsers (incl. different versions .. IE5, IE6, IE7, FF1.5, FF2.0, FF3) and that it shows you screenshots of how it looks like. I love it - because its a real mission to get all of them working locally on your machine .. especially the different IE versions :) I have tried using it with webdevbros and here is a screenshot of how it looks like after processing it for 3 minutes…

I have selected 41 browsers but it takes a while to generate all these screenshots. However, this service is great!! it still saves loads of time.

4 comments on “Test your website on different browsers. Get even a screenshot of how it looks like in all of them!

  1. Do you know a Classic ASP component that does this?

    Have you used ImageMagick for converting images? ImageMagick can convert a site but it needs a third party app (which I haven’t got it to work) to convert the site first to a PDF then ImageMagick can convert it to any image format.

    Do you know a easy way?

    Thx in advance.

  2. sorry i havent come across a component like this

  3. Michal,
    We have just released a system which allows you to test the site ‘live’ on different browsers via a vnc connection. Check it out if you are interested. The main advantage of it is that it allows you not to only see your website in different browsers, but to interact with it - you can test your javascript, any ajax on your site, etc. If you want a few paid credits to do testing sessions longer than 5 minutes, email me your account name and I will add some to your account.

  4. BrowserSeal is a new web browser screenshot application that you may find useful. It is probably the fastest screenshot tool available, especially for web sites with scrollbars.

    Fully functional free beta version is available for download from

    It is under active development and new features as well as more browsers will be added in the future.