Query your Firefox cookies with SQL

By | July 31

Did you ever wanted to take a look at cookies or even tweak them? Having access to your cookies as a developer is crucial but even as a user it might be useful to take a look sometimes.

But what about querying them with sql queries? Picture this: Show me all cookies from localhost and order them by expirydate. No problem, I’ll show you how…

The procedure is simple. We are lucky that Firefox stores its cookies in an Sqlite Database. Therefore we can simply access it with any database client which supports sqlite. Voilá! Our best candidate is the Firefox extension Sqlite-manager. This brilliant tool offers us a nice interface to access our beloved cookies.

1. Install Firefox extension Sqlite-manager
2. Launch it from Firefox (Extras > SQLite Manager)

It loads the cookies.sqlite database by default. Thats great because its exactly what we need. There is a table called moz_cookies which contains our cookies. Now its up to you .. query em’!