Launched with ajaxed: Tourmandu - Platform for local tour guides

By | October 31

I proudly announce the launch of a new project developed with ajaxed - yes with classic asp :). It’s a platform for everyone who wants to show tourists/visitors around in his/her hometown and earn some pocket money. Let’s face this:

You are a student and love to get in touch with people from around the globe. On Tourmandu you can offer a tour in your hometown and tourists can get in touch with you. You show them ’round and they pay/tip you afterwards. Not a bad idea :) Great part time income …

As the project has been recently launched its a bit empty, but have a look at some existing tour to get an idea of what i am talking about..

  • Tours in Australia
  • Tours is Paris, France
  • Tours in Spain
  • Tours in the USA
  • Guides for Famous sightseeing spots

5 comments on “Launched with ajaxed: Tourmandu - Platform for local tour guides

  1. Amazing work! Congrats. keep the updates.

  2. Hey Michal!

    Long time…

    Great to hear that you used your library on your recent project.
    It looks and works great.


  3. Wow, looks great man! really great idea.
    It would be good to know how ajaxed performs under a high workload. have you done any stress tests?

  4. looks nice Michal.

    If i may be so bold to inquire: what tool/method are you using to construct/decode the URLS on your site in ajaxed? I like that they dont look like querystinged urls and am looking for a way to modify mine using classic asp.


  5. i am using the URL Rewrite module of the new IIS7 … works great and is easy to configure. if you are using II6 then its a pain …