First Jelly in Bangkok

By | June 15

As I am currently chilling (and working) in Bangkok I have decided to bring the Jelly into that great metropolis.

Jelly is a semi-weekly work-together, and you’re invited!

The first session two weeks ago was definitely a successful event. Locals and expats were joining and sharing all kind of stories. Apart from development talk the probably hottest topic was SEO.

Wanna join our next Jelly too?
Bring your notebook and some work ;)
Jelly in Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks everybody for coming! Here are some pics.

2 comments on “First Jelly in Bangkok

  1. Rad! :-) I’m planning to travel to Thailand in a couple of months and just started looking into the possibility of coworking when I found your jelly page. Glad to see that something is being organized — not sure yet how long I may be in Bangkok but I’ll at least be passing through for awhile, so hopefully I can check it out!

    If you have any reflections or tips to share on the community you’re finding, I’d love to hear ‘em — drop me an email!

  2. We need something like this up in Chiang Mai.