Android Gravatar Importer. Update your phone book with caller photos

By | October 14

I love Gravatar. So does Android now.

android on gravatarAre you on Android? Do you care of having nice up-to-date photos of your callers? If yes, then you might check out this little new application (Search market for Gravatar Importer) which walks through your contacts and checks if any of them has a Gravatar picture online. Once a Gravatar is found, it is added to the respective contact.

Combine this with Facebook Sync and you might end up with a phone book full of beautiful photos. Could life be any simpler? Indeed, it could! Someone needs to come up with an app which combines all of them and keeps automatically updating photos from all kind of sources such as Facebook, Gravatar, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.


I wrote this small app to get started with the Android API and because I fully support the idea of Global Recognized Avatars - it’s such a geat thing.
One thing I am missing though, is a Gravatar API to add photos. Just think of the following scenario: I take a picture of someone with my phone and add it to his/her contact. Android automatically assigns it to the respective email and adds it to Gravatar using the non-existing API. Gravatar could now ask for confirmation of the picture and make it available for all of us who are in contact with this person. Not sure, but it sounds cool :)

Important note: It’s only an Alpha version yet. Be sure keep the app active while it’s running. Once it’s inactive it stops and won’t continue. Will be fixed in the next release.

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3 comments on “Android Gravatar Importer. Update your phone book with caller photos

  1. There is XMLRPC API for Gravatar, though I don’t know if it can do all things you want.

  2. Great app! please continue development.

  3. I was just thinking about making one of these. Testing it now. Is the source code available?