Siam Flex framework | 0.1.0 Alpha Released!

Today I released the first version of Siam Flex Framework! The project can be found at . Please try it out and let me know what you think. It’s an Alpha release, in other words it’s not fully tested and there is little documentation. But starting with the Getting Started section on the project page [...]

Siam Flex framework | Preview

Siam Flex framework aims to provide usability and rapid application development changes to the existing Adobe Flex data representation support. Siam is a lightweight framework that enables you to quickly represent your application data models regardless of their type or origin. This preview introduces the envisioned features of the framework and contains also code examples [...]

Service vs. Component

I was having trouble to differentiate between both nor could I 100% explain to someone what’s the real difference between a Service and a Component. Today I’ve found a really nice definition by Martin Fowler which I would like to share with you: Component I use component to mean a glob of software that’s intended [...]

Top three C# questions on stackoverflow you should read

Here is a list of questions which I (!!) consider as TOP 3 C# (Visual Studio) questions (although the answers are probably the most interesting) on stackoverflow. Yes, I do love STO Hidden Features of C# Visual Studio Optimizations Which C#/.Net blogs do you read? If you need more see the most voted C# questions. [...]

Create a multi languaged domain model with NHibernate and C#

Recently I’ve been developing an enterprise application with NHibernate which was required to fully support multi language (localization) on UI side as well as on data side. Whereas the former is easily implemented with .net resources the latter is not that straightforward as it seems. That articles talks about it and the solution I [...]