Looking for the perfect job? Looking for the best developers?

As an active user of Stackoverflow I came across their new career service. It’s brand new and their vision is to find the perfect employer for each developer. Pretty good idea I think. STO has a lot of bright brains, which can be a huge profit for corporations looking for great staff. Amongst other job […]

Siam Flex framework | First Beta Released! (0.4.0)

Long time, no news…. It’s been almost 6 weeks since the last update of Siam Flex Framework. But today I am proud to present to you the first beta release of Siam! I’ve been spending a lot of time refining the core elements of Siam to ensure that we have the right API going forward. [...]

Are you listening to music while coding? Then try this simple game …

Lately I’ve started listening to music on my iPod while coding. Some people love it, some hate it. As with me, I enjoy it so far - seems to inspire me. Nevertheless, I can’t do it all the day. Anyway. Whatever. If you are not the only one who listens to his iPod in your [...]

Category: fun

hurl: Simple service to initiate HTTP requests and trace its response

Ever needed to examine a response for a given request? Here we go! hurl is a neat and simple web based service which allows us to initiate a customized HTTP request and presents the resulting response in a nicely formatted manner. Free, responsive and several configuration options. This is how Chris and Leah - the [...]

HTC Magic VS HTC Touch HD

I’ve been using my HTC touch HD for almost 2 months now, it’s about the same period of time my friend’s been using his brand new Android powered mobile phone, HTC Magic. Ever since we started using our new phones, we’ve been having several discussions trying to figure out which smartphone is worth the money [...]

Flex Style Introspection

If you have ever used the Flex introspection method describeType(), you certainly have noticed it doesn’t output any style metadata. The only way I found so far was to instantiate the UIComponent type I’m looking at and call the function regenerateStyleCache(false). The entire list of available styles is then accessible via the properties inheritingStyles and [...]

Publishing Flex applications to Google Code SVN repository

I’ve been struggling with this one a couple of times, so I thought I should share how I solved it. Problem: You are hosting or contributing to an open-source project on using SVN as source control. You would like share Flex applications (and View Source) by accessing their public SVN URL. Applications pages (HTML) [...]

Siam Flex framework | 0.2.0 alpha Released

A new release of Siam is available today! Check out the latest version on the official project page: . The main highlight is that developers can now describe how data models are rendered across their application. Flex renderers can be configured via XML (properties and styles are supported for Object and all primitive types).