Advanced page structuring with ruby on rails

By | November 15

rails logo During the past two weeks I jumped on the train of hype and started to learn (and develop) with Ruby on Rails. I have to admit that I am very impressed so far. It seems to be exactly what I need. For this reason I might blog a bit about RoR in the future.
However, the first word about Rails is devoted to “Greg Willits” who wrote an excellent article about structuring your Ruby on Rails views & layouts.
The paper is easy to understand as Greg does not focus too much technical details. He rather outlines the concepts, ‘the why’, ‘the where’ and ‘why nots’. Even if you just started with Rails it’s good to have a read.

(nice illustrations for easier imagination)

Greg Willits - Modular Page Assembly in Rails (How to use views, partials, and layouts in a modular approach to page assembly) taken from his blog

That’s my first post about the world of rails. to be continued…