Google offers $10.000.000 for best applications made with Android

By | November 15

Android Android is the new operating system from Google for mobile devices available for free since this weeks Monday. It is very amazing what the new operating system is able to do (see in the movie embedded in the bottom) but the most interesting thing is that they give away 10.000.000 US-Dollars for the best applications which will be developed with its SDK.

Isn’t that promising:

All applications are equal
Android does not differentiate between the phone’s basic and third-party applications — even the dialer or home screen can be replaced.

I would say let’s start coding because the timeline is tight. Submissions will be accepted till the 3rd March. Could it be that Google wants to compete with the Apple’s IPhone? Maybe! The idea of giving away that much money could be a good way to gain popularity amongst the developers. As a result the customers will be pleased with a bunch of new applications which will be available. The IPhone in comparison does not allow custom applications - steve jobs might rethinkn his strategy after the 3rd of March ;)

The promotional movie shows some application used within Android. At the end there is also a brief demonstration of the game “Quake” just to show its power. We can see that Google’s strategy of integrating all its service works very well e.g. Google Maps is also available on the device…