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Web Dev Bros with WordPress 2.7 now

We upgraded the blog to the latest version and added some new widgets. The site was down one day because we forgot to upload a missing file … Sorry for that. We are trying to do add some posts the next days to get this up and running again. I want to welcome Julien and […]

Methods for hiding/obfuscating emails in your website

Hiding your emails on your website can be very tricky and the method should be chosen wisely. Yeah, its our war against email harvesters! Just now i have read the outcome of an interesting study made by Silvan Mühlemann. In his research he used nine different methods to obfuscate the email on his page. He […]

Free book about the secrets of code review

SmartBear Software released a book called “Best kept secrets of Peer code review”. Title sound interesting and its even free. I have just ordered my copy today (unfortunately there are shipping costs involved outside US) and looking forward to the secrets Grab yours guys. (Btw: this is my first post using an external tool for […]

RSS feed for websites without RSS

Did you ever wanted to stay up to date with websites/pages which actually don’t offer any feed(s)? Yeah me too! / is our life saver. It let us subscribe to any webpage and thus monitor all its changes. I love it! my sleepless nights are gone now, cause i know i won’t miss anything anymore […]

New great free icon set

Many of you already know that the FamFamFam icons are probably the most famous out there. At least i know plenty of apps using it - including me. Today i have found a new great icon set from pro theme design including 117 icons: Get Circular Icons here

Google offers $10.000.000 for best applications made with Android

Android is the new operating system from Google for mobile devices available for free since this weeks Monday. It is very amazing what the new operating system is able to do (see in the movie embedded in the bottom) but the most interesting thing is that they give away 10.000.000 US-Dollars for the best applications […]

Basic Reporting for your web applications

Vitamin has released a nice post called Pragmatic reporting for your web apps. The article outlines which figures could be interesting to analyze and briefly describes how to aggregate all this data into one dashboard. This information can help find future decisions more easier. It reminds me of the when I and Fab ran the […]

Funny (creative) programming comments

I was browsing Google code search the other day and stumble over some funny comments within code snippets of others. Some of them are really creative and it was good to see that its not only me and Fab who are having fun when writing some weird stuff. Programming has to be fun I have […]

Do you know why you want to be a developer?

because you could have a lead developer like her …. So guys work hard and maybe you can join the pownce development team. There is just one question: could you really concentrate on your code? Btw pownce is a brand new community which allows you to share files amongst your friends or even the public. […]