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Library with extensions for prototypejs and script.

Today i have found which is an awesome resource for prototype and scriptaculous extensions. It offers one of the best extensions around on a very clear and web2ish site. Currently they offer 88 extensions which include javascript calendars, password strength meters, reflection generators, image croppers, faders, …. Go to and look yourself what […]

Want to show your source code to someone else?

Today i stumbled across a nice tool called Pastie. Pastie helps you if you want to show some bits of your source code to someone else. e.g. you need some help, advice (or you just want to show off with your code). You paste an excerpt of your code and pastie saves it for under […]

Google released free chart API (usage example)

Two days ago the guys at google released a brand new api. It’s called Google Chart API. and is free for approx. 50.000 requests per day. This should be enough for smaller projects The interface is quite easy: You call URL’s for your desired graphs. Also the Data is passed directly via the URL as […]

Powerfull online bookmark service

With the web 2.0 a lot of online boomark services came up, the most prominent might be del.. I really like the idea of having all my bookmarks online so i can access them from wherever I want and I don’t need to backup them by myself etc. I tried del. and some others but […]

gotapi the centre of all your developer references

Today I’ve found a nice site which brings together a lot of API’s into one place. A quick look into CSS, Javascript, XSL, Ruby, Hibernate, Oracle, MySQL, etc. normally requires a set of bookmarks on you machine. This tool has them all in one place! Check . What I really like is the autocomplete […]

VBScript Regular Expression builder

Some weeks ago I had to build a couple of regular expressions for my classic ASP apps and I was sick of playing around directly in the code. For this purpose I’ve created a small web tool which helps me playing & testing around directly in a web form. Type in a regex pattern, set […]